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2010/08/13: Set up a forum, check it out.

2010/08/12: Re-restored the site, still without the updates. God it's ugly, I may try to clean it up some, then I'm going to try to set up some forums.

2005/08/06: Turns out the email wasn't working because I'm a 'tard. All better now.

2005/07/25: Just realized that the email for this domain doesn't seem to be working. Not sure why yet. On the plus side: no spam. On the minus side: no useful email either.

2005/04/28: I've finally restored the site after, what, 3 years?! Anyway, half the links off site don't work. I'm going to clean and fix things Real Soon Now™

2002/02/15:Oh my God! It's over!! I got my credit. It's beautiful!

Herein is chronicled the tale of woe that was my dealing with Alienware in an attempt to get my system serviced, and then to get my parts deposit refunded.

The original scoop

Originally sent via email to The Watchdog at Maximum PC magazine, my story is now here.

You can also see some of my later updates and rambles on the abandoned blog
Better yet, share your pain on the new forums. Forum provider disappeared. Maybe I'll try again, later.